Why did the angel describe God as 'the most high'?

Christians believe that God is not just great but that he is greater than anything or anybody else. Christians believe that if everybody’s name was written down on a long list in order of greatness God’s name would be at the very, very top of the list, God’s name would be higher than anybody else’s name.


The angel who spoke to Mary understood God’s greatness. He adored God so much that he described him in the best way he could: ‘the Most High’. 

How did the Bible come to be?

‘The Bible’ means books. The Bible was written by around 40 different writers.

A long time ago people began to write down what God had done for them. They wrote down things they believed God had told them and made up songs to Him and about Him. The things people wrote were copied into books. Eventually, after around 1,500 years, there were 66 books all about God: story books, poetry books, instruction books and letters. The books were put together in one big book; we call the book the Bible.

Although people wrote the words down, Christians believe God guided the writers and showed them by His Holy Spirit what to write.


What are the different parts of the Bible called?


Thousands of years ago people began to write down what God had done for them. Eventually there were many, many, many books all about God. Story books, poetry books, instruction books and letters. All the books were put together in one big book; we call the book The Bible. ‘The Bible’ actually means ‘books’.

Books of the Bible.png

There are 66 books in the Bible. 39 were written before Jesus was born and 27 were written afterwards. The books written before Jesus was born make up the Old Testament part of the Bible and the books written after Jesus was born make up the New Testament.

In the Old Testament there are five books about God’s laws, 12 books about history, five poetry books and 17 books written by God’s prophets. In the New Testament there are four books about Jesus’ life called the Gospels, one history book and 22 letters.

Why do Christians call the Bible God's Word?

Although people wrote the words down we read in the Bible today, Christians believe that God guided the writers and showed them by His Holy Spirit what to write.

The Bible and the Holy Spirit.png

Christians believe that the Bible is a very special work of the Holy Spirit and it says what God wants it to say; they believe everything written in the Bible comes from God. Because Christians are so sure that what the Bible says is what God says, they call the Bible ‘God’s Word’ or ‘The Word of God’.


Do Christians always have the same thoughts and ideas about what different parts of the Bible mean?

Although Christians believe that the Bible is God’s Word, sometimes they have different thoughts and ideas about what parts of the Bible mean. When Christians read some parts of the Bible, some think God is saying one thing and others think He is saying something else.

Christians might not agree on the meaning of every verse, but it is important to remember that there are many parts of the Bible that Christians do agree on and believe to be clear.

Core Bible truths.png

Here are four examples:

Jesus is God the Son
Jesus lived, died and rose again so that we can become close friends with God
People who have said ‘Yes’ to God’s love and forgiveness are Christians
God’s way of living is to love Him and love others.

Why do Christians read their Bibles?

Just as we might describe to someone what we are like in a letter or an email, Christians believe the Bible is God’s way of telling people about Himself.  


Christians believe that through the Bible, God is telling people about His goodness, His power and His wisdom, what He likes and doesn’t like.  Because Christians believe that the Bible is from and about God they read it and remember what it says so that they can learn and understand more about God, His great power and His love.



Why do Christians ask the Holy Spirit to be with them when they read the Bible?

Some parts of the Bible might seem difficult to understand or perhaps feel like they have nothing to do with the way people live their lives today. However, the Bible is about God; He was there when it was written. Christians believe that if they ask God the Holy Spirit to be with them when they listen to or read the Bible He will bring the stories and the writing ‘alive’. They believe that with the help of the Holy Spirit the Bible will make more sense and mean much more.

Bible and leaf.jpg

Just as the Holy Spirit did a special work with the people that wrote the Bible, Christians believe He will do a special work when people read it too. Many Christians choose to trust that the Holy Spirit will help them with the parts of the Bible they don’t fully understand yet.

Why do Christians believe God always tells the truth?

Christians believe God always tells the truth; because they believe it is impossible for Him to lie. They believe the Bible is the truth because they believe the Bible is God's word.

Bible is like a plumb-line

The Bible is like a plumb-line to Christians. Christians believe the Bible is always right, just like a plumb-line. Like a plumb-line shows a builder a true and straight line, the Bible shows Christians how to live God’s way. Some people describe the Bible as ‘the Makers instructions’ – just as we might follow instructions on how to use a new piece of equipment the Bible describes how God planned His creation to be, it describes how He planned people to live. However the Bible is not just a list of instructions. Christians believe the Bible is a special work of the Holy Spirit.


Why is reading the Bible a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle?

Many parts of the Bible are difficult to understand. Some people believe that parts of the Bible are like poetry where God shows people a way of thinking about things. Other parts need to be studied over and over again and, like a jigsaw puzzle, only make sense when you can see how the rest fits together.

The Bible is like a jigsaw.png

Christians believe that the more people read the Bible the more they find out about God. They believe it is important to find out what is in the whole Bible so they can see the big picture of Who God is, what He has done and how He is at work in people’s lives today.

What is worship?

Worship is...


when a person or a group of people show God how much they adore Him by doing things they know He loves.

Below is a list of things Christians often do as part of their worship.

  • Helping others
  • Thanking God
  • Telling God He is great (Praising)
  • Singing songs to God or about Him
  • Dancing and raising their hands when singing to God
  • Kneeling when they pray

Worship is like giving God a gift - a gift of things He loves.  

What is praise?

Praise means telling someone they are great, telling someone you are pleased with them and/or thanking them for doing something wonderful. A teacher might praise someone for working hard or being kind – they might say, ‘That was fantastic, I’m so pleased with what you have done, thank you for doing that for me’.


When Christians praise God they tell Him He is great and thank Him for what He has done for them; they might say: ‘Thank you for what you have done for me, thank you that you love me – I think you are fantastic.’

You might also like to talk about people deserving a medal or a trophy because of something great they have done. Explain that giving somebody a trophy or a medal is another way of praising them – it’s a way of saying ‘you’re great, that’s a wonderful thing you have done’.

What sort of things do Christians thank God for?

The Bible teaches that God loves it when people thank Him. Christians often say 'thank You' to God as part of their worship.

Christians are thankful for many wonderful things, both things they can see and things they can't see...


1. Christians believe God created the whole earth. They thank God for the things they see around them: their friends, their family, animals and flowers.  They even thank God for ‘man-made’ things  because these too are made from the natural materials God created.

2. Christians believe God also created the parts of nature they can’t see such as the wind and the air. They believe that love, hope, peace, joy and kindness come from Him too. They also believe God gave His Holy Spirit to help and guide people. We can't see any of these with our eyes, but Christians believe each one is a wonderful gift from God. 

What does the word 'bless' mean?

Explain that we sometimes say somebody is blessed when they have lots of good things. The good things might not be stuff like toys and clothes; it could be things like feeling well, and good friendships. Christians believe God blesses them by giving them good things.


The Bible teaches that Christians can bless other people by praying that God will give them good things too. However the Bible also says that people can bless God. But how can they bless Him? Christians believe they bless God by giving Him good things – their time, their attention, their love and their praise; they believe that these are all good things God loves to receive.

In Psalm 34 David said he was going to bless God by giving Him praise. David said that he was going to bless God all the time.


Why do Christians worship God?

1. Worship is a response.

Christians often feel like worshiping God. When Christians think about Who God is (what He is like) and all the wonderful things He has done they are so grateful, and feel such love for Him that they want to worship Him. Over and over again Christians worship God when they think about His greatness – it’s as if they can’t stop themselves.

Sings my soul.png

2. Worship is a choice.

Sometimes Christians can feel tired and busy just like everybody else and they don't especially feel like worshipping. But when Christians don’t feel like worshipping God they choose to worship Him because they believe God deserves worship.

Spend a very brief moment explaining what the word ‘deserve’ means. Talk about people getting an award or prize for doing well. They get the prize because they deserve it - they have done well and deserve to be rewarded.

Christians believe God deserves worship because He is great and does great things.




Why do Christians sing to God?

For thousands and thousands of years people have sung worship songs to God.

Christians believe that singing to God is a great way to worship him, in fact the Bible encourages Christians to sing joyfully to God.

Worship songs can be about how great God is or they can simple be songs of thanks, thanking God for the wonderful things he has done.

Read aloud some of the lyrics from a Christian worship song. Talk about what the song is about and why Christians might choose to sing this particular song. Spend some time discussing why on some occasions people sing rather than speak to God. If you have the opportunity to do so, play a variety of worship songs then encourage the children to discuss why some songs are sung slowly while others are fast; some are sung quietly while others are sung loudly.  

worship music.jpg

Christians believe that singing to God with others is an important part of being a Christian. They feel that singing with other Christians sounds and feels very different from when one person sings to God alone.

Christians believe God loves it when people worship him on their own but he also loves it when Christians come together to worship him. 

When do Christians worship God?

The Bible encourages Christians to worship God all the time - when they feel like it and when they don’t, when they are alone and when they are with others, when they are in their homes and when they are out and about. 


The Bible teaches that at any time or in any place people can let God know how much they adore him. However there are of course times when it is not a good idea to sing out loud, dance or kneel in prayer. During these times Christians simply carry on with their everyday lives but on the inside they feel a great sense of thankfulness and gratitude to God for who he is and what he has done for them.