What do Christians believe about giving their worries to God?

One way to describe a worry is a problem or trouble that someone keeps thinking about over and over again. It might be a small problem but because they think about it over and over again it begins to feel like a really, really big problem.


The Bible teaches that when Jesus lived on earth he talked to people about their worries: ‘Don’t worry about your life’ he said: ‘Don’t worry about what you are going to eat or wear. Look at the birds. The birds don’t put seeds in the ground and wait for them to grow; they don’t buy barns and store the grain until they need it – but they always have food, because Father God feeds them’ (Matthew 6:26). Jesus asked the people a question: ‘Who is worth more, you or a bird?’ 

Christians believe that Jesus showed people that they didn’t need to worry. He asked people to think about the birds; to think about how God looks after them and then to think about how much more God cares about each one of them. Because Christians believe that God is good, powerful and wise they think it is truly wonderful that he cares for them. 

The Bible teaches that people can give their worries to God. Christians believe that one way to give their worries to God is to tell him about them. Below is a prayer that Christians might say when they are worried:

‘Father God we thank you that you are listening. The Bible tells us that we can give our worries to you. Right now we would like to tell you something we are worried about (leave a pause so that children can whisper or tell God in their heads what they are worried about). Thank you Lord that you love us more than we can ever imagine.  Not only do you want to give us your peace but you want to help us through difficult times. Holy Spirit we thank you that you come alongside us to help us and guide us. Thank you that you have promised to never leave us on our own.

Christians believe that telling God their worries doesn’t make their troubles disappear but by talking to God about them they can begin to pray about their problems and trust God in their troubles.

Explain that Christians believe that one way God takes care of people is by giving them friends and people around them whom they can talk to. There are some worries that we need to talk to a grown-up about. For example if somebody asks us to do something that makes us feel uncomfortable or we know is wrong then we should tell a grown-up who will listen.