What does the Bible teach about facing problems and going through difficult times?

Christians believe that God wants to help people with every single problem and trouble that they come across. The Bible teaches that God wants people to pray through their problems and trust him in their troubles.


Christians believe that during troubled times God can work in people's lives in a wonderful way, helping them through the tough times and changing them into better times. Christians believe God wants people to pray for both his presence and his power when problems come their way. 

To pray for his presence means to pray that during troubled times they will feel God's closeness; they will know the comfort, guidance and help of the Holy Spirit and through their difficult times they will feel his great peace and love. To pray for his power means to ask God to work in their lives to change their tough times into better times.  

Christians also believe God doesn't just want them to pray but to trust him too. Trust that he will do what he says he will do; that he will never leave them on their own and that he will keep his promises during times of trouble.