How can God be in Heaven and by our side at the same time?

The Bible teaches that God has promised not only to never leave people but to always be by their side. In fact the Bible teaches that God is both in Heaven and by people's side at the same time. 

Christians believe that this is possible because by his Holy Spirit God is everywhere all the time. Christians believe that when they go out God is with them, when they go on holiday he is there, when they are at home he is with them, when they go to somebody else’s house he is there. The Bible teaches that people cannot see God, but he is everywhere all the time.


When we think about somebody being by our side we imagine them sitting or standing really close to us; we imagine that they know exactly what we are doing; we imagine them listening carefully to us, ready to hear what we want to tell them. Christians believe that every day God is by their side listening, speaking, comforting, guiding, giving them his peace and helping them do good for him.

Christians believe that knowing  God is a loving God who is good, powerful and wise, makes it wonderful to know that he is always with them; Christians believe it is wonderful to know that God is always by their side.