How does God help people who are suffering?

The Bible teaches that in the beginning, when God created the earth, he gave mankind everything he needed to live his way and lead lives full of peace and joy. Today for many different reasons, there are thousands of people around the world who are suffering - who do not have everything they need. Some are lonely. Others are unwell. Some don’t have enough money. Others don't have freedom or safety. In some parts of the world people don’t even have clean water to drink.

Like many, many people, Christians find it difficult knowing that some people in the world have so much while others have so little. However Christians believe that God is compassionate. Compassionate means knowing that someone is suffering and wanting to do something about it. The Bible teaches that God knows that people are suffering and he wants to do something about their pain and sadness. In fact the Bible teaches that God longs to help and comfort people who are sad or living troubled lives.


But how does God help and comfort people? Christians believe that their prayers and their actions are an important part of God working powerfully in the lives of people who are facing difficult times. 

Christians believe that just as God wants them to pray through their own problems and trust him in the midst of their own troubles he wants them to pray and trust him for others too. 

Christians believe God wants them to pray for people who are facing problems. They believe God wants them to ask him to work powerfully in the lives of people who are suffering, to change their tough times into better times. They believe God wants them to pray that during troubled times people will feel God's closeness; they will know the comfort, guidance and help of the Holy Spirit and through their difficult times they will feel his great love and peace.

Christians believe they can trust that God will  never leave people on their own and that he will keep his promises to people during times of trouble.

Finally Christians believe that God often asks them to carry out the care, love and support that people need. Christian organisations such asTearfund, The Trussell Trust, Street Pastors, Compassion and Christian Aid give tremendous help to people facing trouble.