What does the phrase 'loving-kindness' mean?

‘Loving-kindness’ means doing kind things because of love. The Bible teaches that God is good and he does kind things for people because he loves them.

Christians believe that God is watching over people and wants their lives to be full of good things. He longs for everybody everywhere to have kind friends, loving families and safe places where they can learn and grow. Christians believe God wants to provide people with all they need to live his way and to lead lives full of peace and joy. 

The Bible teaches that in his loving-kindness God has given people many wonderful things. 


Christians are thankful for the many wonderful things God gives them. They are thankful for both things they can see and things they can’t see…

1. Christians believe God created the whole earth. They thank God for the things they see around them: their friends, their family, safe places, animals and flowers. They even thank God for ‘man-made’ things such as warm clothes and places to live, because these too are made from the natural materials God created. 

2. Christians believe God created the parts of nature they can’t see too such as the wind and the air. They also thank God for his Holy Spirit. They believe  the Holy Spirit is with them wherever they go. They thank the Holy Spirit for his comfort, guidance and help. They believe the Holy Spirit's presence brings great peace, love and joy. We can’t see any of these with our eyes, but Christians believe each one is a wonderful gift from God.

Christians not only thank God for his gifts but for the great things he does too.  

Over and over again we read in the Bible about the things God did: he led the Israelites through the Red Sea and gave them water and food in the desert. Christians believe God still does great things today. Christians believe that over and over again he works in people's lives changing their tough times into better times.

However Christians believe the greatest thing God has done is to send Jesus to live with people.

Jesus came to earth over 2,000 years ago. He came to show what God is like, to teach people how to live and make a way for everybody, everywhere to become close friends with God. Jesus healed the sick, fed the hungry and comforted the poor. Then he did the best thing of all. Jesus died on the cross and three days later God raised him back to life.  Christians believe that because Jesus lived, died and rose again everybody, everywhere can now say ‘Yes’ to God's love and forgiveness and become close friends with him.

When Jesus went back up to Heaven God sent the Holy Spirit down to live with people. Christians believe the Holy Spirit comes alongside to teach and guide. They believe that as the Holy Spirit works powerfully in their lives he changes them from the inside-out to become more and more like Jesus; to be more peaceful, patient and kind. As the Holy Spirit helps Christians become more like Jesus, more and more they are able to live God's way, the way God created them to live.