Why do Christians call Jesus, Jesus Christ?

The word ‘Christ’ is like the word ‘Messiah’. It means ‘anointed with oil’ or ‘chosen one’.

Jesus Christ.png

To anoint someone means to rub or smear something onto them. In Old Testament times kings and priests were anointed with special oil. The oil was poured onto their head – it was smeared into their hair and ran down their face. The oil had spices added. One of the spices was cinnamon. The first kings of Israel and the priests were anointed with the oil to show that they were chosen by the Holy Spirit. The oil was a sign that the Holy Spirit would come upon them. He would give them help and power to do the jobs they needed to do.

Christians believe that Jesus is ‘The Christ’ because he is ‘The Anointed One’. Just as the Holy Spirit was with the kings and priests he is with Jesus. 

The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit gave Jesus help and power to comfort people, to make sick people better, to forgive and make a way for people to become close friends with God.