Why do Christians call Jesus their Saviour?

The name ‘Jesus’ means ‘Saviour’. A saviour is someone who saves people or rescues them. Christians believe Jesus has saved them from a life without God, they believe they have been saved from the wrong things they have done.

Jesus Saviour

The Bible teaches that when God made the world he made it perfect. In God’s perfect world he created a garden. In the garden he put two people, Adam and Eve. Everyday God visited His people. But one day Adam and Eve did something wrong – they disobeyed God. The Bible calls the wrong things people do ‘sin’. The sin crept into the lives of Adam and Eve and began to change them. With sin in their lives they could no-longer be close friends with God in the way they had once been. The sin spoilt Adam and Eve's friendship with God and separated them from him.  

Sin can still keep people apart from God today. In fact the Bible says that everybody, everywhere has done wrong things and before people turn to God their sin spoils and separates them from him. Christians believe sin makes God sad because it spoils things he loves and separates people from a life with him. 

But the Bible teaches there is good news. Although thousands and thousands of years ago disobedience spoilt God's creation, God had a plan to put things right. His plan was to send His Son Jesus to live with people. On the cross Jesus took the punishment for all the wrong things people have ever done. On the third day God raised him back to life. Because Jesus lived, died and rose again, everybody everywhere can now be forgiven for the wrong things they have done. Everybody everywhere can say ‘Yes’ to God’s love and forgiveness and the sin that spoils and separates can be wiped away. Everybody everywhere can now become close friends with God.

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