Why do Christians believe Jesus needed the power of the Holy Spirit?

If Jesus was fully God why did he need the help and power of the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit

Christians believe that when Jesus lived on earth he chose to live as a man. The Bible teaches that although he was still fully God, Jesus chose not to live with the power and the rights he had as God the Son. Because Jesus chose to live as a man, the Bible tells us that he was tempted as people are tempted; he knew what it felt like to be tired and hungry.

However as a human, without God’s help Jesus couldn’t have done the things he came to do.

So where did Jesus get the power to do the things he came to do? Christians believe that God gave Jesus the Holy Spirit. They believe that Jesus lived as a man but with the powerful help of the Holy Spirit he was able to do what God sent him to do; he was able to heal the sick, bring the dead back to life, provide food for the hungry and set people free from terrible situations.