How can Christians believe that God is good when sad things still happen?

Christians believe that God is fully good, he is all powerful and he is completely wise, but why then do sad and bad things still happen? This is something that people have thought about for many, many years and it’s a really good question.

God is good yet sad things still happen.png

Christians often look at the story of Adam and Eve to find out why there is so much badness and sadness in the world.

The Bible teaches that when God made the world he made it perfect. In God’s perfect world he made a garden. In the garden he put two people, Adam and Eve. Every day God visited them. But one day Adam and Eve did something wrong – they disobeyed God. The Bible calls the wrong things people do ‘sin’. The sin crept into the lives of Adam and Eve and began to change them. That day sadness, pain and suffering crept into the world too. With sin in their lives Adam and Eve could no longer be close friends with God; the sin separated them from God. Christians believe that ever since then, there has been both goodness and sadness in our world.

Christians however believe there is some really great news. They believe that many years later, Jesus made a way for all people everywhere to become close friends with God once more. When Jesus went back up to Heaven the Holy Spirit came down to earth to be with people. Christians believe that the Holy Spirit can now be with people through the good times and the sad times giving them his peace, love and comfort. The Bible teaches that God has promised that one day, everyone who has said ‘Yes’ to his love and forgiveness will live with him in Heaven. In Heaven there will be no more pain and no more suffering.