Why do Christians believe God is a loving God who is good, powerful and wise?

If you had something precious and needed someone to look after it, who would you ask? Someone who was often clumsy or forgetful, perhaps somebody who was unkind? No, you would find the kindest, most trustworthy and careful person that you could.

Christians believe God is all these things and much, much more.

God is good, powerful and wise

The Bible teaches that God loves everybody, everywhere more than they could ever imagine. 

However Christians believe that God not only loves everybody but he is good, powerful and wise.

The Bible teaches that God is fully good; there is no badness in him. God is all-powerful; there is nothing good and right he cannot do. God is completely wise; he knows everything there is to know and he always knows what is best for everyone and everything.

Believing these three things about God: he is fully good, he is all-powerful and he is completely wise, makes it wonderful for Christians to believe that God cares for everyone.

To help children remember the three words you could use the following actions. The Bible teaches that God is a loving God who is good (do a thumbs up sign), powerful (flex your arm muscles) and wise (place your fist against your forehead in a thinking-person pose).