Why do Christians believe it is important that they trust that God will give them what they ask for?

Christians believe that trusting God is an important part of their friendship with him.


When Christians say they trust God they are saying they believe that what he says about himself, what he says about his love, what he says he has done and what he says he will do are all true.

Because Christians trust God they are able to depend on him. To depend on someone means to rely on them so much that you change the way you do things.

Christians rely on  God so much that they live differently. They live differently because they believe that what God says is true.

Because Christians trust that God loves them more than they can imagine and he longs to give them what they need to live his way, when they pray they watch and wait, believing that God will answer their prayers in the way they hoped.

Christians believe there are many reasons why God loves it when people trust him, here are a few...

  • When people trust God they are quick to turn to him for help and guidance,
  • People who trust God love to pray because they believe God will answer their prayers in the way they hoped
  • People who trust God love to worship him, thanking him for who he is and all he has done
  • People who trust God love to read their Bibles to discover more of God's truths
  • People who trust God become more and more aware of his love and comfort as they pray, worship and discover more about him.