What do Christians mean when they talk about depending on God?

Day after day we depend on people - doctors, parents, teachers, shopkeepers, refuse collectors, postmen, and  policemen.  Each day we rely on these people to do things for us - to help us, teach us, care for us etc. Without them our lives would be very different.

Christians believe that God longs for people to depend on him; he longs for each person to fully rely on him. The Bible teaches that God wants Christians to rely on him in such a way that they live their lives differently. The Bible teaches that God longs for people to live their lives relying on his help,  his guidance, his power and his great love. 

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Christians depend on God because they trust him. When Christians say they trust God they are saying they believe that what he says about himself, about his love, about what he has done and what he will do are all true. 

The Bible teaches that God loves people depending on him because people who depend on God trust him day after day after day.