How do Christians pray?

When we meet our friends we sometimes chat for hours. The Bible teaches that through Jesus everybody, everywhere can be close friends with God. Christians believe that because God is their close friend they can talk with him anytime and anywhere.


Christians believe there are many different ways to pray. They believe people can say prayers, whisper prayers, sing prayers, shout prayers or even say ‘thought prayers’ in their heads.

The Bible is full of prayers that people have said, sung, whispered or shouted to God.

If appropriate you could show the children how they can whisper a prayer very, very quietly. They can do this by speaking so quietly that they just move their lips without making a sound. Christians believe God can still hear this type of whispered prayer. You could also help children to understand how they can say a prayer in their heads; they can say ‘thought prayers’. You might like to help children practise thinking of things in their heads. First ask the children to think of their favourite colour, then what they would like to be when they grow up. Christians believe they can tell God their favourite colour or what they want to be when they grow up without speaking. They can also tell God what they find scary or what they really enjoy doing. Christians believe God hears the prayers they say in their heads.