How can a Christian invite the Holy Spirit to do more work in their life?

Remind the children that Christians believe they cannot make themselves like Jesus, only the Holy Spirit can make them more loving, more peaceful and more patient, like him.

However Christians believe they can invite the Holy Spirit to do more and more work in their lives. The Bible teaches that as a Christian spends time with God – praying, reading  their Bible, worshipping, serving others, meeting together and giving, the Holy Spirit is able to do more and more work in their life; more and more he is able to change them from the inside-out to be like Jesus. Christians believe that as they spend time with God, more and more the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience…) will grow in their lives. 


Why do Christians believe the Holy Spirit works in their lives when they do these things?

When Christians read their Bibles and meet together they hear about the great things God has done. When they pray, worship, serve and give they see him at work in their own lives and in the lives of others too. The Bible teaches that as Christians see and hear more of God's great love, wisdom and power their trust in him grows and grows and grows.

Christians believe that as their trust in God grows, they become closer and closer friends with him.

Christians believe that through their close friendship with God, the Holy Spirit is able to work powerfully in their lives.