Why did God send the Holy Spirit to live with people?

Christians understand that by becoming more and more like Jesus, they will grow to live God's way.

But people can’t change themselves to be like Jesus. They can’t make themselves perfectly peaceful, patient and kind. 

God knows exactly what people need to live the way Jesus lived. Just as a craftsman knows what is needed to get a job done, God knows exactly the help and guidance people need to live like Jesus. He knows about people’s difficulties and troubles and He has the perfect answer… God’s answer is the Holy Spirit. God gives Christians the Holy Spirit to help them live like Jesus.

Pentecost, The Holy Spirit came down

However the Holy Spirit is much better than a tool or an object that a craftsman might use to get a job done. The Holy Spirit is one of the three Persons of God. He is God. He is real and living. He is good, wise and powerful.