Why do Christians want to be like Jesus?

The Bible teaches that thousands of years ago God gave his people, the Israelites, a set of rules to live by. When the Israelites followed the rules they lived God's way. But God's people soon discovered that on their own they could not keep the rules; they kept on making mistakes and getting things wrong. 

Christians believe however, that there is one person who always lived God's way - that person is Jesus. When Jesus lived on earth he never did anything wrong; he always lived in a way that pleased God. Jesus always loved God and others. The Bible teaches that Jesus showed people the perfect way to live.

live like Jesus.png

Today instead of trying hard to follow God's rules, Christians long to be like Jesus; to think, feel and live like him.

Christians understand that by learning and growing to be like Jesus they will learn and grow to live God's way. 

But the Bible teaches that in the same way the Israelites found it impossible to keep following God's rules, without God's help Christians find it impossible to keep living like Jesus day after day. In fact the Bible teaches that it is only with the powerful help of the Holy Spirit that Christians can learn and grow to think, feel and live like Jesus.