What does it mean to live God's way?

Christians believe that living God's way is about doing two main things: ‘loving God’ and ‘loving others’.

You can remember these two things with a couple of simple actions.

Living God's way: Two main things.png

Hold your right hand in front of you with your fist clenched and your thumb pointing upwards (as if giving a thumbs-up). Your thumb is pointing up to God. This is a reminder that the Bible teaches that loving God is the most important thing of all.

Now keep your thumb pointing up but also point your index finger as if pointing at someone in front of you. Pointing this finger is a reminder that the Bible teaches that loving other people in the same way we love ourselves is important too. Move your hand around as if pointing at other people.

For a quick game…
Hold both hands out in front of you. With your right hand make a thumbs-up sign. With your left hand point your index finger away from yourself. Now try and swap so that you are making a thumbs-up sign with your left hand and pointing your right index finger. This is much harder than it sounds and to keep alternating between the two is almost impossible.