Why do Christians believe they come into God's presence through worship?

Christians believe that one of the most important reasons to worship God is because he loves and deserves worship. However, the Bible teaches that worshipping God also brings people closer to him; when Christians worship God they feel his presence (his nearness) in a greater way.

Although God is always with people they can choose to give him their attention. In the same way we can be in the same room as somebody but we can choose to ignore them or we can choose to pay them attention, chat with them and listen to them etc. Christians believe that when they pay attention to God (listen to him, speak to him, sing to him) they come closer to him in a wonderful way - many Christians call this entering into God's presence.

God's presence.png

Christians believe that when they are close to God and feel his nearness they feel his love, peace and joy in a greater and more wonderful way.

Christians also believe that when they enter into God's presence the Holy Spirit is able to work in their lives in a truly powerful way - more and more they feel the Holy Spirit's closeness, his comfort, his guidance and his help. 

Coming close to God and feeling his nearness through worship and spending time with him does not always feel easy to do. Giving attention to God often means not giving attention to other things; these other things might be playing games and watching TV or they might be thoughts about our busy lives. But Christians think it is something that is good to practise, so they get better and better at it. They believe the good news is that God really, really, really wants people to feel his closeness in their lives.