Why do Christians worship God?

1. Worship is a response.

Christians often feel like worshipping God. When Christians think about who God is (what he is like) and all the wonderful things he has done they are so grateful, and feel such love for him that they want to worship him. Over and over again Christians worship God when they think about his greatness – it’s as if they can’t stop themselves.

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2. Worship is a choice.

Sometimes Christians can feel tired and busy just like everybody else and they don't especially feel like worshipping. But when Christians don’t feel like worshipping God they choose to worship him anyway, because they believe God deserves worship.

Spend a very brief moment explaining what the word ‘deserve’ means. Talk about people getting an award or prize for doing well. They get the prize because they deserve it - they have done well and deserve to be rewarded.

Christians believe God deserves worship because he is great and does great things.