Why do Christians sing to God?

For thousands and thousands of years people have sung worship songs to God.

Christians believe that singing to God is a great way to worship him, in fact the Bible encourages Christians to sing joyfully to God.

Worship songs can be about how great God is or they can simply be songs of thanks, thanking God for the wonderful things he has done.

Read aloud some of the lyrics from a Christian worship song. Talk about what the song is about and why Christians might choose to sing this particular song. Spend some time discussing why on some occasions people sing rather than speak to God. If you have the opportunity to do so, play a variety of worship songs then encourage the children to discuss why some songs are sung slowly while others are fast; some are sung quietly while others are sung loudly.  

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Christians believe that singing to God with others is an important part of being a Christian. They feel that singing with other Christians sounds and feels very different from when one person sings to God alone.

Christians believe God loves it when people worship him on their own but he also loves it when Christians come together to worship him.