What are the different parts of the Bible called?


Thousands of years ago people began to write down what God had done for them. Eventually there were many, many, many books all about God. Story books, poetry books, instruction books and letters. All the books were put together in one big book; we call the book the Bible. ‘The Bible’ actually means ‘books’.

Books of the Bible.png

There are 66 books in the Bible. 39 were written before Jesus was born and 27 were written afterwards. The books written before Jesus was born make up the Old Testament part of the Bible and the books written after Jesus was born make up the New Testament.

In the Old Testament there are five books about God’s laws, 12 books about history, five poetry books and 17 books written by God’s prophets. In the New Testament there are four books about Jesus’ life called the Gospels, one history book and 22 letters.