Why does the Bible talk about Christians being lights?

The Bible teaches that Jesus is the Light of the world. Christians believe this means that, like a light, Jesus is both comforting and helpful.


The Bible also teaches that Christians are like lights. Christians believe this means God wants them to be comforting and helpful like Jesus.

But how can people be like Jesus?

The Bible teaches that when Jesus went up to Heaven the Holy Spirit came down to live with people.  

Christians believe the Holy Spirit helps them; he guides them and changes them from the inside-out. With the powerful help of the Holy Spirit, Christians believe they can learn and grow to be more like Jesus; to think, feel and act like him; to be more comforting, helpful, peaceful and patient.

Christians believe that each day the Holy Spirit helps millions of people around the world to become more and more like Jesus; to live God's way; the way he created them to live.

The Bible also teaches that Jesus said: ‘nobody puts a lamp under a bowl; instead they put it on a stand so that the house is filled with light’. Jesus explained that Christians should let their light shine in the same way. Jesus was describing how, just as a light should be seen by everyone, everyone should see Christians being comforting and helpful to others.