What is Agape love?

When parts of the Bible were first written the writers wrote in ancient Greek, and over and over again instead of the word ‘love’ they wrote ‘agape’. ‘Love’ is the right English translation for ‘agape’ but there is an even better way of describing what ‘agape’ means: ‘agape’ means ‘loving somebody in such a way that you put them first and expect nothing in return’.

Agape heart.png

The Bible teaches that agape love is the sort of love God has for people. He loves people without expecting anything in return – he loves people even if they don’t love him back. Christians believe that agape love is an amazing type of love.

The Bible teaches that Christians should also love with agape love; they should love God and other people the way God loves them. Because Christians believe that agape love comes from God they believe that for a person to really love with agape love God needs to be at work in their lives.