What do Christians do when they gather together?

Christians gather together to help one another live God’s way - to love God and others.  But what do they do when they gather together?

Sometimes Christians help each other by simply doing things together. They show their love for God by worshipping together and their love for others by working in teams to care for people.


Christians feel that singing with other Christians sounds and feels very different from when one person sings to God alone. Christians believe God loves it when people worship him on their own but he also loves it when Christians come together to worship him. Christians help and encourage each other to worship in many different ways,  such as playing different instruments, writing songs etc

Christians work together to help people in many different ways too, such as organising food or clothes banks. Christians believe that an important part of caring for people is telling them about God. Christians love to tell others about God, because they love being close friends with him and they long for others around them to be close friends with him too. Sometimes Christians organise events to either help people, or to tell people more about God. 

Sometimes doing things together means helping in a different way. Some Christians choose to pray for a team or give money, tools or food. All these are important ways that Christians work together to care for people.

Christians also help each through fellowship. ‘Fellowship’ is the word the Bible uses to describe times when Christians teach, challenge, comfort, support and encourage one another. Christians believe that when they spend time together in this way the Holy Spirit works powerfully among them helping each one of them learn and grow to live God’s way.

Summarise by  reminding the children that Christians gather together to help one another live God’s way. Christians help each other by (1)  doing things together and (2) through fellowship.


Many Christians believe that during times of fellowship they use the gifts and abilities God has given them. You could talk about the different gifts and abilities described in the Bible. Take a look at Romans 12:6-8; 1 Corinthians 12:8-10,28 and  Ephesians 4:11. How do these gifts help Christians learn and grow to live God’s way?


Some of this text is repeated in ‘Why do Christians sing to God?’.