Why do Christians believe Jesus existed before He was born?

The Bible tells us something amazing about the birth of Jesus – before Jesus was born in Bethlehem he was already alive in Heaven.


Christians believe that before Jesus came to earth as a Baby he lived in Heaven with Father God. In fact Christians believe that Jesus was alive at the beginning of the world; the Bible teaches that Jesus was involved in the creation of everything.

Why did the angel describe God as 'the most high'?

Christians believe that God is not just great but that he is greater than anything or anybody else. Christians believe that if everybody’s name was written down on a long list in order of greatness God’s name would be at the very, very top of the list; God’s name would be higher than anybody else’s name.


The angel who spoke to Mary understood God’s greatness. He adored God so much that he described him in the best way he could: ‘the Most High’. 

Why do Christians call Jesus The Messiah?

Messiah means ‘chosen one’. The Bible teaches that hundreds of years before Jesus was born, God promised his people that he would send someone special to them. He promised that this special one would do wonderful things. God's people called the person they were waiting for the Chosen One or Messiah. Nobody knew exactly when the Messiah was going to come or what he would be like. Some people thought he might be a soldier or a king like King David but everyone agreed he was going to be special.


For years and years God's people waited for the Messiah. They longed for him to come and do everything God had promised. They waited and waited.

However Christians believe that the Special One had already been chosen. They believe he had always been chosen.

The Bible teaches that God chose his son Jesus to live among people and do all the promised special things. In the Bible we read that some people who met Jesus did not think he was the Chosen One because he was nothing like they had imagined - he was not a soldier or a king like King David. But many people did believe - they believed Jesus was the Messiah, the one they had been waiting for. 

Christians today believe Jesus is the Messiah. They believe he is the Chosen One God sent to live with people.

The word ‘Christ’ and the word ‘Messiah’ have the same meaning which is why Christians call Jesus ‘Jesus Christ’.