What is a Carousel session?

A 45 minute session using material from both our Story planners and our Re:verse game planners. We suggest these sessions are delivered using a work-shop style model where children rotate around three zones. We call these Carousel sessions.

What’s different about a work-shop style session?

Groups of children rotate around three Zones: a Story Zone, a Craft Zone and a Game Zone. Each Zone has one teacher who prepares one element, then delivers it three times. Using the principle of team teaching, sessions are simple to prepare and deliver.

Similar to a child’s day at school where a numeracy lesson might follow a literacy lesson, during a Carousel session there is no planned link between the story and craft (taken from our Story planners) and the game (taken from our Re:verse game planners), this means stories can be taught chronologically and a new topic introduced every month.

Three simple steps to teaching a Carousel session:

1. Divide your teaching space into three zones

A Game Zone, where children play games to explore a topic. A larger space with room to run around would be perfect.

A Story Zone, where children hear a Bible story. A cosy carpeted space would be great.

A Craft Zone, where children make a take-home piece of artwork that relates to the story. An area near to a sink would be ideal.

You might like to add some furniture and resources to your areas too – a whiteboard and CD player in your game zone, some cushions and a rug in your story zone, and tables, chairs and stationery in your craft zone.

You will also need a space for the children to congregate for registration.

2. Organise your children into groups

Make sure you have no more than three groups.

Groups can be made according to friendship, age or by gender.

It will be helpful if your groups are roughly equal in size.

The children will be in the same group each session so try and ensure that the children
are happy with the group they are in. 

Give each of your groups a name or a colour.

Organising your teachers and helpers

You will need three teachers and three helpers.

Each teacher is allocated a zone.

Teachers lead the activities organised for their zone.

Each helper is allocated to one of the three groups.

Helpers welcome and register children as they arrive, guide them around the zones and help them as they join in activities.

3. Rotate your groups around the three zones

To help children rotate around the zones, the groups are given timers.

When the group arrives in a zone the group’s helper sets the timer for 15 minutes.

When the bell rings the group moves on to the next zone.

Tickets and tokens

Each child coming to a Carousel session is given a ticket according to which group he or she is in.

On the ticket is written the order in which they will visit the zones.

Each group is given a different order to ensure that no two groups are in the same space at the same time.

Just before the children leave a zone they are given a token.

This token reminds them what they have just learnt.

Using a sticker the children fix the token to their ticket.

When the children have visited all three zones and the bell rings for the third time they wait in their groups to be collected by a parent or carer.

Carousel Accessories

More details coming soon.