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A wooden pot stand

15 minute Craft planner

You will need:
Wooden pegs (approximately 30 pegs per pot stand)
PVA glue, brushes and pots
A4 document wallets
Felt-tip pens (optional)

How to prepare:
Separate the two halves of each peg by removing the wire 'springs'. Glue two halves together as shown in steps one and two of the instructions.

Help the children to make one wooden pot stand between five or six children, or if you have time, allow older children to make a pot stand each. Work through the instructions one step at a time.

If gluing the peg-pieces together (steps five to seven of the instructions) is too difficult for the children in your group encourage them to decorate the peg halves with felt-tips then simply glue them together as shown in steps one and two.

After the session, glue the decorated peg-pieces together to make one or two pot stands. Allow the pot stand(s) to dry, then show them to the children the following week.

The pot stand is not suitable for hot pots but could be used for a small plant pot or a decorative pot.

How to make:


1. Before the session an adult will need to separate the pegs. Carefully twist each peg to remove the wire ‘spring’.

2. Using a generous amount of glue, stick two peg halves together as shown in the picture to make a ‘glued peg-piece’. Squeeze the peg halves together and slowly count to 20. To make a pot stand you will need around 30 peg-pieces. If you are making one pot stand with your group keep gluing peg halves, until together you have sufficient peg-pieces. If you are making your own pot stand you will need to glue 30 peg-pieces.

4. Without using any glue carefully arrange the peg-pieces in a circle on the plastic document wallet. Keep adjusting the pieces until there are no gaps and there is an almost perfect empty circle in the middle.

To glue the peg-pieces together you will need to remove every-other piece, brush it with plenty of glue then replace in the ring.

Carefully work around the ring until all the pieces are glued. Leave the pot stand somewhere safe to dry.

Alongside this craft teach the Bible story...

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