361 - The runaway slave


A running puppet

15 minute Craft Planner

You will need: 
Running puppet template (see Printables)
Card – cereal box card would be ideal
Colouring pencils and or felt-tips
Split pins
Sticky tac
Glue stick
Sticky tape
Craft lollipop sticks

How to prepare:
Before the session print and cut out sufficient templates. Make a sample ‘running puppet’ so the children know what they are making.

What to do:


1. Colour in and cut out your template. Make holes in the template using the small circles as guides.

To make the holes, place a blob of sticky tac on the table in front of you. One at a time, position the template pieces so that the circle is over the sticky tac. With a sharp pencil or ball point pen push through the circle into the sticky tac below.

2. Join the two pieces together using split pins as shown in the picture. Make sure the split pins are not too tight so that the ‘wheel’ can easily turn.

3. Tape a craft lollipop stick to the back of your puppet.

4. Gently push your puppet along.

When the ‘wheel’ is moving smoothly, push the puppet a little faster. As the ‘wheel’ turns it will now look as if your puppet is running away.

Alongside this craft teach the Bible story...

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