247- Escape to Egypt


Nazarene nibbles

15 minute Craft planner

Beware of allergies - make sure that all the children in your group can safely handle and taste the food used in this activity.

You will need:
Pitted green and black olives
Dried apricots
Olive oil
Dried figs
Four mixing bowls
One or two tins of chickpeas
Dessert spoons
Pitta bread
Three trays
Lemon juicer
Cumin seeds
Plastic plates and bowls
Garlic crusher
Coriander seeds
Dinner knives
Tin opener
Garlic (optional)
Pestle and mortar
Cloths for wiping up spills
One or two lemons, halved
Potato masher

Recipes for marinated olives, hummus and mixed dried fruit (see Printables).

How to prepare:
Print the three recipes (see Printables). Try and set up three different areas in your teaching space for preparing the three different dishes. Place the appropriate food and equipment in each area. If you have limited space, place the food and equipment for each of the recipes on three different trays.

How to make:

1. Clean the surfaces in your activity area and encourage the children to wash their hands thoroughly.

2. Prepare one dish at a time spending five minutes on each. Once you have finished a dish either move on to the next area or put the completed dish to one side and produce another tray of food and equipment.

3. When the session has finished share the Nazarene dishes with the rest of the church.

Alongside this craft teach the Bible story...

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