338 - God's Spirit comes


Sewing flames

15 minute Craft planner

You will need:
Flame shape templates (see Printables)
Sewing instructions (see Printables)
Red and yellow wool
Hole punch
Thin cardboard such as cereal box card
Sticky tape
Glue sticks
Colouring pencils and or felt-tips

How to prepare:
Please note, preparation for this craft could take at least an hour! Select the template suitable for the age of the children in your group. Print or photocopy sufficient templates and sewing instructions for your group. Mount the flame shapes onto the cardboard. Cut out the shapes and punch holes as indicated by the dots. Do not worry if the holes do not exactly coincide with the dots. Cut the wool into one meter lengths. Make sure there is enough for each child to have a length of red and a length of yellow wool. Secure the yellow wool to the first hole and the red wool to the last hole. Wrap a piece of sticky tape around the tip of each length of wool. Make a sample ‘flame’ so the children know what they are making.

Take time while telling the story, or before making the craft, to explain that part of today’s story is about shapes that looked like flames. Clarify that the flame shapes in the story were safe; they were not hot and didn’t hurt anybody. Briefly talk about where the children might see flames. Use this opportunity to remind the children that they must not play near fires and never touch matches or lighted candles.

How to make:

1. Give each child a mounted flame shape with the wool attached.

2. The children need to thread the wool in and out of the holes.

3. Try and encourage the children to thread the yellow wool around the outside and the red wool across the middle. Younger children may want to adopt a more random approach to their threading. Older children could follow the sewing instructions.

Alongside this craft teach the Bible story...

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