33 & 34 - Into the pit & On to Egypt


Joseph's well

15 minute Craft planner

You will need:
A paper cup or paper mache plant pot
A ‘Joseph's well template’ (see Printables)
Craft lollipop sticks
String cut to 20 cm lengths
Sticky tape

How to prepare:
Before the session make a sample well so the children know what they are making. For younger children you may wish to prepare the paper cups and cut out the Joseph templates in advance. 

How to make:


1. Starting at the rim, cut two triangles in the sides of the cup as shown in the picture. The triangles need to be directly opposite each other. 

2. Turn the cup 90 degrees and cut two rectangles opposite each other. The rectangles should be between the triangles.

3. Cut out and colour in ‘Joseph’ and the well roof.
4. Using sticky tape stick Joseph to one end of the string and the lollipop stick to the other. Attach the string to the centre of the stick.

5. Place Joseph inside the well and wrap the string around the stick. Slide the stick into the triangular notches of the cup. 

6. Fold the roof in half and balance it on top of the cup. Turn the stick to wind Joseph up and down the well. 

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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