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Prison food


15 minute Craft planner

Beware of allergies - make sure it is safe for the children in your group to handle and taste the food used in this activity.


Grape punch

To make grape punch you will need:
1 litre red or white grape juice
1 litre apple juice
2 litres ginger ale
A large jug or punch bowl
A ladle
Plastic cups
Optional - strawberries and mint leaves. Dinner knives and chopping board for preparing the fruit.

How to prepare:
If you have strawberries and mint leaves wash and prepare the fruit.

How to make:


1. Mix the juices together in a jug or bowl. 

2. If you have strawberries and mint leaves place a leaf and a few pieces of fruit in each of the empty cups.

 2. Pour a ladle of punch into each cup. If appropriate offer the punch to the adults after the service. Ask the children to talk about the Bible stories they heard today as they serve the punch.


A baker's basket

To make a baker's basket you will need:
Dinner knives
Chopping board
Paper plates
Colouring pencils
Coissants, brioche, mini donuts or other pastries
Bird templates (see Printables)
Optional - craft feathers and googly eyes
PVA glue, brushes and pots
Paper clips

How to prepare:
Before the session make a sample basket so the children know what they are making. For younger children you may which to cut around the rim of the plate and cut out the bird templates in advance.  

How to make:


1.  Lightly fold the paper plate in half and  mark the half way points on the rim of the plate. 

2.  Lightly fold the paper plate in half the other way and cut around the inside of the rim - cutting up to the lines you have just made. 

3. Fold up the rim of the plate to make a handle. 
4. Repeat steps 2-4 with a second plate. Slide the second plate on top of the first.

5. Place a napkin on the flat surface of your basket. 

6. To make your bird, colour in and cut out the templates as shown in the picture. Fold along the dotted lines. You will need to concertina fold the wing and the tail. 

7. Cut along the solid lines in the middle of the bird's body and feed the wings through the slits. Glue the beak and tail in position. You may find it easier to secure the tail     with a paper clip. If using, add googly eyes and feathers to your bird.

8. Use the dinner knife to cut up the croissants and brioche and arranged the pieces on top of the napkin. Slot your bird onto the handle of the basket and serve your baked goods with the grape punch.

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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