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A ram's horn

15 minute Craft planner

You will need:
A ram’s horn template (see Printables)
One paper plate per child
Masking tape - one roll between five or six children
A hole punch
Brown wool
Party blowers that are age appropriate for the children in your groups  (enough for one per child)

How to prepare:
Print a ram’s horn template. Stick the template to a piece of card and cut around it. 

Use the cardboard template and follow the instructions to make a ram’s horn so that the children know what they are making. Before the session begin to cut the masking tape into 15-20 cm strips. Each child will need around 20 strips and it will be easier if some are available from the beginning of the session.

How to make:


1. Cut out the ram's horn template. Cutting along the solid lines.

2. Fold the paper plate in half.

3. Lay the template over your folded plate and use a pencil to draw the curved line at the top. Cut along the curved line.

4. Carefully wrap the strips of masking tape around the cut-out plate. You will need lots of strips. Keep wrapping strips around the cut-out plate until it is covered. 

5. Cut off the ends of the paper template, cutting along the dashed lines. Use the hole punch to make two  holes as shown in the picture.

6. Lay the template over your taped plate. Mark with a pencil the two end lines and the position of the holes. Remove the template and cut along the pencil lines. Make the two holes using the hole punch. Cut a piece of wool 60 cm long. Thread the wool through the holes and tie the ends. 

7. Pull out the coiled foil or paper of the party blower and cut down the middle towards the mouth piece. Do not cut off the foil/paper.

8. Push the party blower into the small end of your ram's horn and secure tightly with lots of masking tape. Make sure the party blower cannot be pulled out of the ram's horn. 

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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