102-104 - Ruth


Barley drink

15 minute Craft planner

Beware of allergies make sure it is safe for the children in your group to handle the food used in this activity.  

You will need:
225 g approx. pearl barley                        
2.5 litres water
6  oranges                
2 lemons        
Plastic cups
A plastic jug    
Honey (from a squeezy container)
A sieve
A large bowl
Citrus fruit juicers - as many as you can find
A knife and chopping board
Mixing  spoons    
A  funnel
A plastic jug    
Empty two litre bottles
Enough straws for two or three per child
Fruit barley drink labels (see Printables)
Scissors and colouring pencils

How to prepare:
Print  or photocopy sufficient labels for two or three per child. Cut out the labels, making the two small holes as directed. Before the session place the pearl barley and the water in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Simmer for around 30-40 minutes. Take it off the heat and leave it to cool. Cut the fruit in half.

During the session keep any knives in a safe place away from the children. 

How to make:
1. Ask the children to place the sieve over the bowl. Pour the cooled mixture through the sieve and into the bowl.  Press down on the barley in the sieve to squeeze the remaining barley water into the bowl.
2. Encourage the children to take it in turns to squeeze the fruit using a citrus juicer. Help to pour the freshly squeezed juice into the bowl, adding it to the barley water.
3. Add four or five teaspoons of honey to the bowl and stir until all the honey has dissolved.
4. Using the plastic jug and funnel decant the barley drink from the bowl into the empty bottles. If possible place the bottles in a fridge.
5. Give the children two or three labels each to colour in. Show the children how to thread the labels onto the straws. Put the straws with the labels to one side.
6. If it is appropriate for your setting, serve the fruit barley drink to the children and parents after the session, diluting it with water to taste. Make sure everyone gets a straw with a label so that they know why the children made the drinks.

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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