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‘A big pot of soup’ collage

15 minute Craft planner

Beware of allergies - make sure it is safe for the children in your group to handle the food used in this activity.

You will need:
A big pot of soup template (see Printables)
Sticky back plastic
Orange and red tissue paper scrunched into small balls
Fresh or dried herbs
Small dishes for the herbs and tissue paper

How to prepare:
Print sufficient templates for one per child. For younger children cut out the central area of the template to make an oval window in the centre of their pot. Carefully cut the sticky back plastic into rectangles: 21 x 11 cm. Divide the scrunched tissue paper and herbs between the little dishes.

How to make:

1. Give each child a template and a piece of sticky back plastic.

2. If the central area of the templates have not yet been cut out assist the children to do this.

3. Encourage each child to peel off the backing paper of the sticky back plastic and place it sticky side up on the table in front of them. Each child will then need to carefully lower the reverse side of their template on to the plastic. The sticky plastic should be visible through the oval window in the pot.

4. The children will then need to scatter the scrunched tissue paper pieces onto their template (leaving spaces in between) and press them down with their hands. Older children might like to carefully arrange the scrunched paper in a pattern.

5. Encourage the children to pick leaves off the herbs and add them to their collage, pressing them in between the tissue paper pieces. Alternatively allow the children to sprinkle a teaspoon of dried herbs onto the sticky spaces between the paper pieces.

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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