336 - 'Do you love me?'


A sparkly fish

15 minute Craft planner

You will need:
A fish template (see Printables)
12 cm x 12 cm squares of sticky-back plastic
Sequins of various colours
Some small bowls
A large piece of netting from a garden centre and clothes pegs (optional)

How to prepare: 
Print or photocopy sufficient templates for one per child. For younger children you may want to cut out the fish making sure the middle section of each fish is carefully removed. Place the sequins in the bowls.

How to make:

1. Assist the children to cut out their fish and remove the middle section.

2. Help the children to peel the backing off the sticky-back plastic squares and gently place them sticky side down in the middle of their fish. When they turn the fish over it should have a sticky area in the middle.

3. Allow the children to decorate their fish by pressing sequins onto the sticky plastic.

4. If you have a large piece of netting and some clothes pegs, display the fish by pegging them onto the netting.

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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