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Sticky clouds

15 minute Craft planner

Beware of allergies – make sure it is safe for the children in your group to handle and taste the food used in this activity.

You will need:

A loaf of bread that can be cut into cloud-shaped slices – a baguette may be suitable depending on its shape
Silver edible glitter (optional)
‘Jesus template’ (see Printables)
A large sheet of blue paper or blue paper serviettes
A large tray or baking sheet
Paper plates
Butter knives

Any of the following white toppings: dairy spread, honey, cream cheese, white chocolate spread, ‘Fluff’ (marshmallow spread – available from most supermarkets), popcorn, white mini-marshmallows

How to prepare: 
Before the session print or photocopy sufficient instructions for one between two or three children. Print one ‘Jesus template’ if you are making a group collage, or one template per child if the children are working individually. For younger children you may want to cut out the templates before the session. Make a sample sticky cloud so that the children know what they are making.

How to make:

1. Ask an adult to slice the bread. You will need two or three pieces per child.

2. Choose the topping you would like for your first cloud. If you are using popcorn or marshmallows you will need to spread a small amount of dairy spread or honey onto your bread to make it sticky.

3. Choose a topping for your second and third clouds.

4. If you have a blue serviette lay it over your paper plate and place your ‘Jesus template’ on top.

If you are working in a group, place a tray where everybody can reach it. Cover the tray with serviettes then place a ‘Jesus template’ on top.

5. Arrange your clouds on top of the serviettes. Place one of the clouds on top of ‘Jesus’ so that only his feet can be seen.

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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