287 - The lost coin


A plate of pennies

15 minute Craft planner

Beware of allergies – make sure it is safe for the children in your group to handle and taste the food used in this activity.

You will need:
Foil dishes of two different sizes
A tea towel or cloth
Sticky tape
White chocolate buttons either the regular size or large variety (enough for nine per child)
Edible glitter or cake decorations, preferably sparkly
Runny water-icing made from icing-sugar and water mixed to a runny paste
Pastry brushes
‘The woman searched and searched for her lost silver coin’ textbox (see Printables)

How to prepare: 
Print and cut out sufficient textboxes for one per child. Make a sample ‘plate of pennies’ so the children know what they are making.

How to make:


1. Arrange nine chocolate buttons on a plate so that there is a gap between each. Using a pastry brush carefully brush a tiny amount of runny water-icing onto the buttons. Wash and dry your pastry brush.

Put a little glitter on a plate. Use the clean brush to apply the glitter to the buttons. These buttons will represent the woman’s nine silver coins.

2. Place a real, one pence coin under your largest foil tray. Using the cloth rub over the coin leaving an impression in the base of the foil tray. Move the coin underneath the foil tray then rub over it again. You will now have a second imprint in a different part of the tray. Keep repeating this process until you have ten imprints.

Turn your smaller foil dishes over so the base is facing uppermost. Roll a piece of sticky tape into a loop with the sticky surface on the outside. Place the sticky loop in the middle of the base of the small dish and place the large dish on top.

3. Place your nine chocolate buttons on the dish on top of the coin imprints. One imprint will remain uncovered.

Colour in your textbox and place it amongst the ‘coins’.

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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