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Spinning hearts

15 minute Craft planner

You will need:
A 'Spinning Heart' template (see Printables)
At least one salad spinner
Water-based paint in various colours
A jug of water
Small pots
A pencil and sticky-tac
Short lengths of coloured wool approx 20 cm long
Aprons and a floor covering

How to prepare: 
Print or photocopy sufficient 'heart' templates for one per child. You might want to cut out the hearts for the younger children in your group. Pour a small amount of paint into each of the pots. Do not mix the paints but keep the colours separate. Dilute the paints slightly by adding a little water - you want the paints to be runny but not too watery.

How to make:
1. Give each child a 'heart' template. If the hearts have not already been cut out encourage the children to do so. Make a hole in each of the paper hearts by placing a piece of sticky-tac underneath the heart, then pressing through the paper into the sticky-tac with the point of a pencil.

2. The children will need to work in groups with one salad spinner per group. Help the children to take it in turns to place their paper heart in the salad spinner and then place small amounts of coloured paint onto the paper shape using the teaspoons. With the lid firmly on encourage the children to spin the salad spinner. After 10 seconds of spinning, their paper hearts should be decorated with swirly patterns.

3. When everybody has had a turn, either, encourage the children to replace their paper hearts in the spinner and decorate the other side or give them a second template to try some different colours.

4. Thread a short length of wool through the hole in the top of the paper heart. Tie a loop so that the heart can be suspended.

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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