175 - Elisha: A room of his own

room 11.png

A tiny room

15 minute Craft planner

Pop-up room templates (see Printables)
Sticky tac
Glue stick
Cotton bud
Small paper truffle cases/petit four cases
Paper clips
Fabric scraps or j-cloths
Colouring pencils and/or felt-tips

How to prepare:
Before the session print or photocopy sufficient ‘pop-up room templates’ for one per child. Make a sample pop-up room so the children know what they are making.


How to make:
1.Cut out the ‘Elisha's room’ sign from the corner of your template. You could colour in your template at this stage.

2. Fold your template in half...

3. ...then in half again. Carefully cut along the solid lines, cutting through the folds of paper as shown in the picture.

4. Open out the template and cut along the two solid lines starting at the top edge of the paper.

5. Turn the template over and apply glue to the four areas indicated by the arrows.

6. Re-fold the template, pressing on the glued areas. Fold the ‘bed-flap’ down, folding along the dashed lines so that the lines are on the inside of the fold.

Place the piece of sticky tac underneath the tiny cross in the centre of the ‘table’ . With a sharp pencil and using the cross as a guide, press through the paper into the sticky tac beneath. This will make a small hole in the template.

7. Stand your template up and push out the table and chair. Carefully fold along the dotted lines to make your room 3d.

8. To make the ‘lamp’, use sticky tac to stick a cotton bud to the inside of the paper case.

Cut out a rectangular piece of fabric to make a blanket for the bed.

9. To assemble the room, lay the fabric on the bed and push the cotton bud through the hole in the table. You may need to remove the cotton wool from the base of the cotton bud so that fits through the hole.

Clip the ‘Elisha's room’ sign to the ‘wall’ of the room using a paper clip.

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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