180 - Elisha: Eyes to see


Eyes to see mask

15 minute Craft planner

You will need:
The thickest paper that will go through your printer
Hole punch
String or wool cut to 40 cm lengths
Sticky tape
Colouring pencils
Glue stick
Sequins, coloured feathers, pom-poms etc.

How to prepare:
Before the session print enough templates for one per child. For younger children you may want to cut out the templates, punch the holes and attach the string before the session. Decorate a sample ‘Eyes to see’ mask so the children know what they are making.

How to make:

1. Cut out your ‘mask template’. Stick a small piece of sticky tape over the circles on either side of the mask. Punch two holes in the mask, using the circles as a guide. The sticky tape will make the holes slightly stronger.

2. Thread a piece of string through each hole and secure them both with knots.

3. Colour in or decorate your masks using a variety of collage materials.

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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