166 - The still, small voice

Paper boom red.png

A paper boom

15 minute Craft planner

You will need:
Thick paper/cardboard – thick paper that will go through your printer would be ideal however cereal-box card would also work.
‘Square templates’ (see Printables)
‘Paper insert’ template (see Printables)
‘Still, small voice’ textbox (see Printables)
Felt-tips pens and colouring pencils
Glue sticks
Sticky tape

How to prepare:
Print textboxes and templates enough for one per child. If you have thick paper that can go through your printer, print the square templates onto the thick paper. If you are using cereal-box card or equivalent, print the square templates onto plain A4 paper. For younger children it may be appropriate to cut out the cardboard, templates and textboxes in advance. 

How to make:



1. Colour in and cut out your ‘paper insert’ and your square template. If you are using cereal-box card, stick your square template onto the card then cut around the template. 

2. Use a ruler and a closed pair of scissors to carefully score along the dashed line. Fold your square in half, diagonally as shown in the picture. Fold your paper insert in half too. Then re-fold it, folding it in half the other way.

3. Using sticky tape, stick the insert to the underside of your cardboard square as shown in the picture. Tape along the edges only. 

4. Colour in and cut out your ‘still, small voice textbox’. Stick the textbox inside the ‘paper boom’. 

5. To use your paper boom: Fold the insert so that it is inside the folded card. Read the words written on the card. Hold your ‘paper boom’ between your finger and thumb, gripping it in the corner. Bend your elbow so that the paper boom is close to your shoulder. Now swiftly bring your hand down. The rush of air will force the insert out of the folded card making a loud ‘snap’. Read the words on both sides of the insert. Finally read the words written inside the card.

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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