14 - God's promise

night light 4x.png

Starry night light

15 minute Craft planner

You will need:
‘God said to Abraham…’ textbox (see Printables)
Black A4 paper and plain white A4 paper
A thick towel
Two paperclips per child
Ballpoint pens
Glue stick
A battery-operated tea light or age-appropriate glow sticks
Sticky tac
Silver pens (optional)
Images of star constellations from a library book or the internet (beware of copyright regulations)

How to prepare:
Print sufficient textboxes for one per child. Make a sample night light so the children know what they are making.

How to make:



1. Stick a piece of white A4 paper and a piece of black A4 paper together. This will give you a thick piece of paper with a white side and a black side. Place your double-sided sheet of paper on the towel. Make a hole in it by pressing the nib of the ballpoint pen through the paper and into the towel beneath. Repeat this over and over again until your paper is covered in lots of holes. If you have a sky map you could make the shape of a known star constellation - such as the Big Dipper. If you have a silver pen try tracing the shape of your constellation. 

2. Carefully roll your paper into a wide tube with the black side facing outwards. Secure the tube at the top and bottom with two paper clips.

3. Cut out and colour in your textbox. Cut along the solid grey lines to make two slits. Slot the textbox into the top of your night light. 

Turn on your battery-operated tea light and place the paper tube over the top. If your battery tea light isn’t very bright you may need to use two.  In a dark room your night light will look like the stars in the night sky.

 If you are using glow sticks, snap the sticks so that they start glowing. Stand the sticks upright on a flat surface using pieces of sticky tac. Place the paper tube over the top of the sticks. If it’s OK with your family set up your night light in a dark room and enjoy your starry sky.

Alongside this craft, teach the Bible story...

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