352 - Singing in prison


The Jailor's key

15 minutes Craft planner

You will need:
 A key template (see Printables)
‘What must I do…?’ and ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus…’ padlock templates (see Printables)
Lollipop craft sticks
A small craft magnet
Coloured wool or embroidery thread cut into 60 cm lengths
A hole punch
PVA glue, brushes and glue pots
Colouring pencils and/or felt-tip pens
Optional – glitter

How to prepare:
Print or photocopy sufficient key and padlock templates for your group. For younger children you may want to cut out the templates before the session. Before the session make a sample ‘Jailor's’ key so that the children know what they are making.

How to make:


1. Colour in and cut out the key and lock templates. Cut a slit in the key and punch a hole in the lock as shown in the picture. Stick the lock templates back to back. 

2. Thread the wool through the slit in the key and the hole in lock. Tie the ends of the wool together to make a loop. 

3. Glue the lollipop stick to the back of the key and attach a magnet to the middle of the stick. If you want to add a little sparkle, apply some glue to your key and sprinkle on some glitter. 

4. Stick the key to your fridge as a reminder of today's story.  

Alongside this craft teach the Bible story...

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