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Paper cup chariots

15 minute Craft planner

You will need:
‘Chariot wheels’ template (see Printables)
Paper cups, enough for one per child (plastic cups will work OK if you can't find paper ones)
Split pins, enough for two per child
Wool or string cut into 35 cm lengths
A pencil and a blob of sticky tac
Colouring pencils or felt-tip pens
Large lollipop sticks (small will work OK if you can't find large)
Elastic bands
Scraps of fabric measuring 7 x 6 cm and 2 x 9 cm
Two or three wind-up walking toys of any type*

*These are not intended for the children to take home but are necessary for the chariot race.

How to prepare:
Print or photocopy sufficient ‘chariot wheel’ templates. For younger children you might want to cut out the wheels in advance. Construct an example chariot so the children can see what they are about to make. 

How to make:


1. Cut a section out of your cup to make it chariot-shaped.

2. Cut out two chariot wheels, colour them in and cut a hole in the centre of each. To cut a hole in the centre fold the wheels in half and cut a semi-circle in the middle of the fold.

3. Work out where the wheels need to be on your chariot. The wheels do not turn round so they will need to be positioned above the base of the cup. Hold the wheels in position and draw a mark through the hole in each wheel. To make the hole, place a blob of sticky tac inside the cup directly behind the     marks you have just made. Ask an adult to make a hole, using your mark as a guide, by pushing the tip of a pencil through the cup into the blob of sticky tac behind.  

4. Attach the wheels to your chariot with the split pins. 

5. Wrap a 7 x 6 cm piece of fabric around a lollipop stick and secure it in place with an elastic bands. Repeat this with a second lollipop stick. Draw a face and some feet on both lollipop sticks. Wrap the 2 x 9 cm pieces of  fabric around the ‘shoulders’ of each lollipop person. Tuck the ends of the fabric  into the elastic bands. 

6. Loop the ends of the string around the wheels to make reigns for pulling the chariot along.   Place the lollipop people in the chariot and hook the string around the wind-up toy. Watch as your chariot is pulled along.  

When everybody has made a chariot you are now ready to hold a chariot race. If you have two wind-up toys, two chariots can race, if you have three wind-up toys three can race. The children may find it easier to remove their lollipop people from their chariots during the race.
Decide with the children where the ‘start’ and ‘finish’ of the race will be. Attach the first chariots to the wind-up toys as shown in the instructions. Encourage the children to wind up the toys and hold them at the ‘start’. When you shout 'go' the children should release the toys and watch as their chariots are pulled to the ‘finish’. The first chariot to reach the ‘finish’ is the winner. Allow the next round of chariots to compete. Encourage the winners of each round to compete against each other. If it becomes obvious that one toy is faster than the other hold the toys behind your back and let the children choose by selecting either your right or left hand.


Alongside this craft teach the Bible story...

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