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Story planners include:

  • Where to find the story in The Children's Bible in 365 Stories by Mary Batchelor
  • How to set the scene using timeline Flashcards
  • Starter questions, notes and creative storytelling ideas
  • A craft activity with step-by-step ‘How to make’ instructions
  • Printable resources
  • A cartoon activity sheet

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Re:verse Game planners include:

  • A monthly topic
  • A relevant Bible verse in a child friendly version.
  • Weekly learning objectives
  • Weekly games
  • Weekly ‘talk about’ suggestions for this month’s verse.  

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Carousel planners include:

  • A Story and a Re:verse Game Planner in one document.
  • Tickets and tokens for a workshop style session

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'Print and post' Carousel planners

  • 52 printed Carousel planners
  • Packs posted every two months (July, Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, May)
  • Delivered a minimum of four weeks before the first session 
  • Packs include two months' worth of planners 
  • Master copies of all Printable material included

£80 plus £10 p&p

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Timeline Flashcards are a key part of the Bible Curriculum. We've created three sets:

The Old Testament

The Life of Jesus

The Early Church

Flashcards are useful for putting Bible stories in context and 'setting the scene' before telling a story.