5th Sunday in the month

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Week 5 objectives: to learn the Bible verse and recap what the children have looked at over the last few weeks.

Challenge - 7 mins
Aim: to complete a challenge that involves putting the words of the Bible verse in order.
You will need: paper chain strips (see Printables), plain or coloured paper (a mix of colours would be ideal), colouring pencils and or felt-tips, two or three rolls of sticky tape depending on how many teams you have and a stop watch.

Before the session print and cut out enough strips for 20 per team. Divide the strips into sets of 20*. Count the number of words in the Bible verse (include the reference). Working with one set at a time, write the words of the verse on the paper strips. Write one word per strip leaving the remaining strips blank.

*If you have older children in your group allow more strips per team.

During the session divide your group into teams. Give each team a set of paper strips and a roll of sticky tape. Set the timer for five minutes. Encourage the children to use the colouring pencils and or felt-tips to decorate the blank strips then join the strips together to make a long chain. Within the chain the children should incorporate the Bible verse strips making sure the words are in the correct order. Give the teams a two minute warning before their time is up so that they can start to join their strips together if they haven’t already done so.

Talk about - 5 mins
You will need: sticky tac, a large sheet of paper or a whiteboard, marker pens and a second large sheet of paper.

Before the session write the verse on the whiteboard or a large sheet of paper. Use sticky tac to stick a second large sheet of paper over the verse.

Ask the children to sit on the floor in their groups. Reveal the verse and encourage the children to check that the words are in the correct order in their chain. Spend some time looking at the chains. Repeat the Bible verse together each time you examine one of the chains. Praise the children for their careful decorating and/or using all the strips etc. If appropriate decide which is the best chain and announce one group to be the winners.

If you have time use the paper chains to briefly remind the children that Christians gather together. Hold up one of the links in the chain. Briefly explain to the children that God doesn’t just want Christians to be on their own like one link in a chain. He wants Christians to gather together with other Christians. Hold up one of the long chains. Explain that God wants Christians to join together with other Christians to help and encourage each other to live his way – to love him and love others.

’Give me five’ - 2 mins
Before the session prepare four statements summarising what the children have learnt over the last few weeks. For an overview of the month’s objectives click on the relevant verse below.


Ask the children to ‘high five’ the person next to them and say ‘give me five!’.

Encourage the children to point to their little finger with their other hand and shout ‘one’. Tell the children the first statement, summarising what they learnt in week one then ask the children to repeat the statement back to you.

Encourage the children to point to their next finger and shout ‘two’. Tell the children the second statement, summarising what they learnt in week two then ask the children to repeat the second statement back to you.

Repeat this with the middle and index fingers telling the children the third and fourth statements. Finally encourage the children to point to their thumbs, give a ‘thumbs up’ and say ‘God loves me!’

Song - 1 min
Sing this month’s Bible verse song.

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