'If you say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and if you believe in your heart that God has raised Christ from death, you will be saved.' Romans 10:9

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Week 2 objective: to find out what people are saved from when they say with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in their heart that God has raised Christ from death.

Game - 6 mins
Beware of allergies make sure it is safe for the children in your group to handle the ingredients used in this activity.

Aim: to play a game about saving creatures from a swamp.

You will need: spoons, a plastic cup, two buckets or washing up bowls, *four or six plastic toy creatures/animals (available from pound stores), floor covering, aprons (optional), towels, hand washing facilities and ingredients to make a swamp-slime: cornflour (approx. 500g), water and a tiny amount of green food colouring.

*If you don't have any plastic creatures or animals use a permanent marker to draw the outline of animals onto four or six small flat stones.

Before the session make some swamp-slime in one of the buckets. First measure the cornflour into the buckets using a plastic cup. For each cup of cornflour you will need approximately half a cup of water e.g. if you put six cups of flour in the bucket you will need to add no more than three cups of water. Slowly add the water stirring all the time. When you have a gloopy, but sill runny consistency, stop adding the water (even if you have added less than three cups). Add a tiny drop of food colouring (not too much as the mixture will stain the children's hands!) and mix the swamp-slime until smooth. Now place the plastic creatures in the bucket. The consistency of the slime should be such that the creatures slowly sink to the bottom. Try not to have too much slime in the bucket/bowl so the creatures appear to be ‘standing’ in the swamp rather than being submerged.

Show the children the bucket of slime and explain that they need to save the creatures from the swamp. Place a protective covering on the floor and put the bucket on top. Put the empty bucket close by. Ask for a volunteer. Give the volunteer a spoon and ask them to save one of the creatures from the swamp. They should lift the slime-covered creature out of the swamp-bucket and into the empty bucket. Allow the children to take turns saving the creatures until all four/six have been rescued.

Note: just for fun, the children might like to try pushing their spoon into the mixture quickly then slowly. They should observe the mixture becoming more solid then liquid again.

Talk about - 7 mins
You will need: a large sheet of paper or a whiteboard, marker pens, ‘a box of crosses’ (see Printables), the ‘Sin’ word graphic (see Printables) and the ‘God’s love and forgiveness’ word graphic (see Printables).

Before the session write the verse on the whiteboard or paper.

Read the verse aloud and explain that this verse will help us learn more about what it means to be a Christian. Remind the children that last week we learnt that a Christian is someone who has said ‘Yes’ to God’s love and forgiveness.

Underline the word ‘saved’. Explain that this verse tells us that, if someone says that Jesus is Lord and, if they believe in their heart that God has raised Christ from death, they will be saved. Talk about people being saved or rescued. You could talk about fictional characters who save, such as Superman or Spiderman. Remind the children that during the game they pretended to save the animals from a swamp. Explain that the Bible tells us that Jesus came to earth to save everybody everywhere. Ask the children what they think Jesus came to save people from. Listen to the children’s answers and respond positively.

Explain that Christians believe Jesus came to save people from a life without God; he came to save people from the wrong things they have done.

Quickly explain that the Bible calls the wrong things people do ‘sin’. Show a copy of the ‘Sin’ word graphic. Draw a stick-person and write the word ‘God’ next to the Bible verse. Christians believe sin makes God sad because it spoils and separates. God wants everybody everywhere to be close friends with him, but sin spoils things God loves and separates people from a life with him. If you are using a whiteboard draw lots of tiny ‘Xs’ between the stick person and the word ‘God’. If your verse is written on a sheet of paper stick the ‘box of crosses’ between the stick person and the word ‘God’.

However the Bible teaches that there is good news - Father God sent his Son Jesus to save everybody everywhere from the wrong things they have done. When Jesus died on the cross God did something extraordinary. He allowed Jesus to take the punishment for all the wrong things people have ever done. Then, three days later God raised him back to life. Now, because Jesus lived, died and rose again, everybody everywhere can be forgiven and become close friends with God; everybody everywhere can say ‘Yes’ to God’s love and forgiveness and the sin that spoils and separates can be wiped away. Rub out the crosses or remove the box of crosses. Show the children the ‘God’s love and forgiveness’ word graphic.

Song - 2 mins
To the tune of 'The animals went in two by two'.

If you say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, he's Lord! he's Lord!
If you say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, he's Lord! he's Lord!
If you believe in your heart that God has raised,
Christ from death you will be saved.
Romans 10:9, Romans 10 verse 9.

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