‘Give thanks to the Lord of All, for the Lord is good. His loving-kindness lasts forever.’ Jeremiah 33:11

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Week 1 objectives: to discover that this verse is about worship and that worship is when a person or group of people show God how much they adore him. 

Game - 6 mins
Aims: to play a game that involves saying thank you before talking about saying ‘thank You’ to God. 
You will need: an apple (or another suitable object) and a blindfold.    

Encourage the children to sit in a circle. Ask for a volunteer to sit in the middle. Explain to the children that the volunteer will be blindfolded and should sit with their hands held out in front of them as if receiving a gift. 

Tell the children that you are going to select somebody to give the apple to the blindfolded volunteer. The selected child should creep forward and carefully place the apple in the volunteer’s hand before returning to their space in the circle.

When the blindfold is removed the volunteer must try to guess who gave them the apple. If they think they know they should say ‘thank you……. for my apple’ to the person they think put the fruit in their hands. If they are correct, ask for another volunteer to sit in the middle of the circle. If they are wrong they should guess again. Allow the volunteer three attempts before revealing who placed the apple in their hands. 

With older children you may want to make the game more fun by allowing the volunteer to ask the giver a question as they receive the apple. The giver should disguise their voice to answer before returning to their place in the circle.

Talk about - 5 mins
You will need: a whiteboard or a large sheet of paper, marker pens and a Bible.

Before the session write the verse on a whiteboard or a large sheet of paper. 

Write the word ‘worship’ next to the verse. Tell the children that this verse is about worshipping God.  Ask the children if they have heard people talk about worshipping  God. Draw a heart around the word ‘worship’ as you briefly explain that worship is when a person or a group of people show God how much they adore him. Ask the children how they think people show God they adore him. Talk about people doing things they know God loves, such as... 

    •Helping others
    •Thanking God
    •Telling God he is great (Praising)
    •Singing songs to God or about him
    •Dancing and raising hands when singing
    •Kneeling when praying

Draw a bow on top of the heart as you explain that worship is like giving God a gift - a gift of things he loves.  Summarise by saying again that worship is when a person or a group of people show God how much they adore him by doing things they know he loves. 

Underline the word ‘thanks’ in the verse. Briefly talk about the game. Talk about the person saying ‘thank you’ for the apple. Explain that God loves it when we say thank you to him. Quickly point to the word ‘worship’ inside the heart as you explain that Christians often say thank you to God as part of their worship. Spend some time talking about the different things we might thank God for (for some suggestions see Printables ‘Dig deeper’) – you might want to talk about things in two categories: 
    1. Things that you can see,
    2. Things that you can’t see. 

Talk about - 4 mins
Beware of allergies - make sure it is safe for the children to handle the item used in this activity.

You will need: a selection of household objects such as an unopened tin of beans, a felt tip pen, a drinking glass, a mobile phone, a pencil, a bar of soap, a wool jumper, a book etc.

Before the session, spend some time researching what materials and resources were used to make the objects you have chosen. Make a list of the materials/resources for each object. During the session encourage the children to guess what was used to make each object. Spend some time talking again about how even ‘man-made’ things are made from God’s creation. 

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